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Need a Natural Alternative to Viagra?

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Viagra is the most commonly prescribed drug for Erectile Dysfunction. It is also an approved drug with one of the most extensive lists of potential side effects. So, are there any natural alternatives to Viagra you can take instead? Are there other options that won’t cause nasty side effects? The good news is Yes!

Here are ten natural alternatives to Viagra. So, whether you need a little help getting it up or a boost to help you last longer, mother nature has an option for you.

1. L-Arginine

This nonessential amino acid improves vascular health and relaxes and widens the blood vessels. Wider blood vessels improve circulation so helps men to establish and maintain an erection. L-Arginine can cause your blood pressure to drop, and you should never take it along with viagra.

2. Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)

This well-known supplement hails from China. You can use it to treat low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. The active compound is icariin. Studies have shown Icariin boosts testosterone levels and stimulates nerves. Icariin is a cGMP-specific PDE5 inhibitor, just like Viagra.

3. Cistanche

Cistanche is another Chinese remedy also known as “Ginseng of the Desert”. It is an aphrodisiac that will improve sexual desire and performance.

4. Ashwagandha

Also known as Indian Ginseng, Ashwagandha supports healthy sexual function. Ayurvedic practitioners believe it gives you the strength and sexual vitality of a stallion. It is safe to use and won’t result in overstimulation.


A well known sexual tonic, Ginseng promotes energy, stamina and endurance. You can use Ginseng to treat Erectile Dysfunction as it can enhance blood flow and increase blood levels of nitric oxide. Studies have proven the effectiveness of the herb when taken regularly.

One study found that men treated with Korean red Ginseng had a 60% improvement in their Erectile Dysfunction symptoms.

6. Maca

Maca is a Peruvian treatment used to improve libido and performance. It’s another supplement that boosts your hormone levels and improves stamina. It promotes sexual health and optimises erectile function.

7. Muira Puama

Muira Puama is a Brazilian herb, also known as “potency wood”. Muira Puama works on the nervous system increasing sex drive and improving circulation. In Brazil, men use it to treat erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety. Muira Puama is safe to use regularly, but if taken in large doses may have too much of a stimulating effect.

8. L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid used as an aphrodisiac. L-Tyrosine boosts dopamine levels, and the resulting pleasure leads to an erection. Be aware that high blood pressure is a noted side effect of using L-Tyrosine.

9. Yohimbine

Yohimbine is an extract that comes from the bark of a West African evergreen tree. It increases libido and prolongs erections. Yohimbine can help men to delay ejaculation and prolong their sexual encounter. Yohimbine and L-arginine is an effective combination. It can noticeably improve the ability to sustain an erection in men with Erectile Dysfunction.

10. Mondia Whitei

Another African medicine, Mondia Whitei, increases libido. Studies suggest it increases sexual desire and improves testosterone levels. It also improves blood flow, making it easier to maintain an erection.

Need a Natural Alternative to Viagra?

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