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With these strategic structural changes in place, PlanetDrugsDirect.com aims to make customers joyful by offering superlative providers and highest quality medicines at the lowest attainable prices for years to come back. With toll-free customer help, free-delivery, on-staff assistance and much more is bound to make the web medicine ordering and procuring course of a simple and rewarding experience. “Amidst rising variety of illegitimate online pharmacies, there are a only a few real online pharmacies that care for people and provide genuine medications, planetdrugsdirect.com is certainly one of them” said Eric, a loyal customer since 2005. Canada Drugs otherwise known as CanadaDrugs.com, was one of the first companies within the abruptly growing Canadian web mail-order pharmacy trade. It was started in 2001 by Kris Thorkelson as an off-shoot of a series of 4 native pharmacies in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Safety Regulation #60

Such a transfer has been resisted prior to now due to concerns for consumer security, however President Trump has stated he sees a need for transparency with drug prices and decrease prices for people who find the costs of their medication to be prohibitive. Globalrugsdirect.com works with fulfillment centers in a wide range of international locations including however not restricted to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Mauritius, India, and the United Kingdom. For all of our prescription medicine we do require valid prescriptions written by a licensed physician.

That’s why we offer our clients with as much info as attainable about our service and our Canada pharmacy partners. Our online pharmacy website lets you order for your prescriptions in 3 methods – Online, Phone & Mail. Our latest addition allows you to addContent your prescription and well being profile online. The physicians, pharmacists, patients and direct-to-consumer advertising. Lee AL. Changing effects of direct-to-client broadcast drug info advertising sources on prescription drug requests.

All merchandise are clearly marked byfor “prescription medicines” or byfor over-the-counter medicines. No prescriptions are required for over-the-counter drugs. The on-line pharmacy verification checker software that we use, PharmacyChecker.com, additionally issued a press release on the situation as they see it. This software is a trusted supply that consumers can use to search out the most effective drug costs out there from verified online pharmacies they’ll belief. PharmacyChecker.com helps to offer peace of mind and helps people make good decisions with pharmacies which have been checked and verified by an outdoor source.

Safety Regulation #32

At the time, it was Canada’s largest pharmacy offering world-wide prescription providers and has stuffed over 1,000,000 international and Canadian prescriptions via its mail order amenities. It was shut down because of litigation by the US federal authorities. One concern raised by experts is that corporations like CanaRx bypass the protections that the FDA has in place to guard the well being and security of Americans buying prescription drugs.

Canada Drugs Direct

The bad news is that these medication won’t come from the Canada Drugs model you’re used to. Learn how to safely buy prescribed drugs on-line utilizing these 11 important suggestions that are straightforward to observe. Using the following tips you can save money and buy meds online safely. We promote prescribed drugs and upkeep medications in 30 to 90-day quantities to both Canadian and U.S. residents.

If you were a loyal customer of CanadaDrugs.com, you may be questioning what occurred to the net Canadian drugstore you used to order from. Well, we’re here to inform you that we’ve both excellent news and bad information. The good news is that you just’re still going to have the ability to buy high quality, affordable pharmaceuticals from Canada that are delivered straight to your door on a dependable foundation.

Each CIPA pharmacy member is licensed and regulated by the government for safety. When it involves your well being, we know that safety is your number one concern.

Sildenafil Study

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Sildenafil Citrate is the generic name for the drug Viagra. The little blue pill is the most prescribed erectile dysfunction drug on the market. Typically the starting dose when taking Sildenafil to treat Erectile Dysfunction is 50mg. However, the dosage is usually gradually increased to Sildenafil 100 mg to improve performance without producing additional side effects.

The causes of Erectile Dysfunction can be psychological as well as physical. Starting treatment on a lower dose and then needing to increase that dose to improve sexual performance may have a negative psychological impact. This, in turn, could prolong or worsen Erectile Dysfunction.

Pfizer established a clinical trial to ascertain whether gradually increasing the dosage was beneficial, as opposed to immediately starting on a higher dose of 100mg. The study assessed the effect a 50mg or 100mg starting dose has on sexual performance and anxiety about future sexual relations.


To be eligible to participate in the study, men had to score 25 or below on the International Index of Erectile Function test. They must also have only ever taken six or fewer PDE5 inhibitors and must not have taken any in the previous four weeks.

During the study, men were given eight weeks of double-blind, placebo-controlled (DBPC), fixed-dose treatment (50 or 100 mg sildenafil or placebo). After the initial eight weeks, the men moved on to open-label flexible-dose of Sildenafil (50 or 100 mg) for four weeks.

Main Outcome Measures

The study aims to measure how effective, tolerable and satisfying 50mg or 100mg doses of Sildenafil Citrate were concerning sexual performance and anxiety about sex. Pfizer assessed criteria through a questionnaire at the end of the DBPC trail. They performed the same assessment at the end of the open-label program.


The study concluded that Sildenafil improved performance when compared to the placebo and as a result, reduced anxiety experienced before sex. At the end of the double-blind study, 56% of men taking the 100mg dose reported no anxiety about their next sexual encounter. Of the men, given the 50mg dose, only 36% reported no anxiety.

The results from the DBPC study showed a significantly larger percentage of men responded to the 100mg dose compared to the 50mg dose. The sildenafil 100 mg dose did not appear to cause a higher incidence of adverse effects.


From this study, we can conclude that Sildenafil taken in either 50 mg or 100 mg doses produces tangible results. When compared to those taking the placebo, men taking Sildenafil had reduced anxiety levels, better sexual performance and were more satisfied overall with the treatment they received for Erectile Dysfunction. A comparison of those taking the 100mg dose vs the 50mg dose also showed similar results. The 100mg group experienced less anxiety, had an improved sexual experience and were more satisfied with their treatment than those taking the 50mg dose.

This study could be used to support a starting dose of 100mg when using Sildenafil to treat Erectile Dysfunction. The overall benefits of improved sexual performance and reduced anxiety about the next sexual encounter support an increased initial dose.

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